How to Survive Morning Sickness

So I was thinking about how to kick this whole thing off and my husband suggested just starting at the beginning, like a story. Which in my dreamy literary mind had me sitting at a vintage desk, laptop open, peering out onto the New York City streets while my airy drapes rustled in the open window. The camera panned upwards showing my husband delightfully chasing our adorable baby around the apartment, me typing away. I know, I know, what kind of crazy BS delusion is this Carrie Bradshaw nightmare? Let’s be honest, as I write this I am wedged on the couch with the dogs, praying Harper stays asleep while Eric and I shovel pasta. Yeah, I like this reality a lot better, too.

So the beginning? It’s not exactly movie-worthy, but I did find out I was pregnant on the morning of our one year wedding anniversary. A couple of days later I was gagging over the toilet as Eric hovered and said, “there it is.” You know, when you’re pregnant, there is an abundance of information on what you shouldn’t eat and then of course there’s a litany of Hollywood-created pickles & ice cream cravings. But let’s get real here, when you’re nauseous and/or vomiting in your apartment’s parking lot at 6:30 at night proclaiming “morning sickness” to the neighbor walking by, you just want to shake someone and say “what will make me feel better…and please, while you’re at it, will you go to work for me so I can go die now? K thanks.”

How to Survive Morning SIckness

Here are some tips and a list of foods that helped me get through the day. You’re welcome.

  • Number 1: NEVER let yourself get hungry. Even if you don’t feel hungry, snack all day to avoid an empty stomach
  • Always, always, always keep saltines in your purse and by your bedside
  • If you can, be the driver – not the passenger. Sea Bands were also a real lifesaver in the car. 
  • If you have to get up with an alarm at let’s say, 6 AM, set an alarm for 5:45, 5:50, 5:55, and sit up slowly in bed each time. In other words, don’t try to just hop out of bed with your alarm. Take a sip of water and nibble a cracker in bed, then slowly get up and get ready.

For a person who LOVES food, going through 24/7 sickness (did I mention it lasted for 4 months?) was devastating. I missed my favorite foods, I missed craving sweets, and worst of all, I missed pumpkin spice season entirely. So what did I eat?

  • Plain Triscuits and Cheddar Cheese
  • Whole Fruit Lime Popsicles (I had a strong sour craving)
  • Late July Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers
  • Plain Pasta and Tomato Sauce (mixed with butter to reduce acidity)
  • Plain Pasta with Butter & Parm
  • Plain Toasted Bagel with Horizon Organic American Cheese Slices – this was a weird one for me as I don’t typically care for American Cheese
  • Cucumbers and Carrots in Homemade Ranch (when I was eventually able to even consider veggies)
  • Plain Dry Cereal (such as Special K)

During this stretch of general awfulness, I couldn’t even think about eating anything sweet, eggs or meat, and most fresh veggies or fruits. In general, it will make you feel like you’re depriving your growing baby of nutrients, but the midwife assured me that between nature doing its thing and my prenatal vitamin, little eggplant (as she was affectionately named) would be just fine. Just know that one day you’ll wake up, and literally, like magic, you will feel like yourself again. You will see someone eating a cinnamon bun at a bakery and you’ll say: yes, yes I will have one of those. And just like that, you’ve survived morning sickness.

Note: The links provided will direct you to the products I actually use. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

What foods helped you when you went through morning/all day sickness? Share below and help a girl out!

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  • Holly
    October 5, 2016 at 11:07 AM

    Your article is spot on. Morning sickness makes you want to avoid food (all day long!) but eating a little throughout the day really helps. An empty stomach does make the nausea worse.

    • Marla
      October 5, 2016 at 3:03 PM

      It know, right? It seems like not eating would make it better, but it totally doesn’t!

  • Jasmine - LoveLifeLaughMotherhood
    October 5, 2016 at 11:58 AM

    My morning sickness lasted just as long, but nothing-nothing helped! Didn’t matter if I ate, what I ate, or what medication I took (natural or pharmaceutical). I figured I would have Chewbacca by the amount of morning sickness I had! My son didn’t come out quite that hairy, but close…

    • Marla
      October 5, 2016 at 3:04 PM

      It’s weird because my baby had no hair – and still has very little hair! But I feel you. Some days nothing helped either except lime popsicles made it bearable 🙂