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The Best Baby Sun Hat

Experts agree that pregnancy-brain is a real thing. So if pregnancy-brain is real, then mommy-brain is the realest. As moms we can be the most understandably forgetful creatures on the planet. Don’t we have enough going on? We have to remember to close the garage door, too? Before Harper was born, I thought I had everything I needed: clothes, car seat, swing, thermometer, the works. Obviously I was wrong. So very, very wrong. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank AmazonPrime and 2-Day shipping, for without you, mommy-brain would be a rampant, rabid beast. Because, seriously, there were things we never even realized we needed until we needed them. And might I mention for good measure that my husband and I are both normal, educated people, but still – forgetfulness, you get it. Which brings me to this short and sweet review of the The Original Flap Happy Hat.

The Best Baby Sun Hat

Now, I feel like I should say for the record that she had plenty of newborn caps. I might be forgetful, but I do have instincts. But once she was holding her head up, which she did pretty quickly at 2 months, I would carry her outside to help me water the garden or check the mail. Like an idiot, I would put one of Eric’s baseball hats on her, like, hey neighbor, beautiful day! Oh this? Just my infant hiding under this Pittsburgh Penguins hat. She’s totally fine! So I did what any sane person would do and turned to Amazon where I came across this sun hat.



Bottom Line: Harper loves it. We love it. It stays in place, protects her little bald head, matches well with most outfits, and is easily cleaned. It’s UPF 50+ and everywhere I go, people always tell me they love her hat and ask where I got it from. The best part (besides 2-Day Shipping) they’re super affordable and come in lots of colors. Mommy-brain win!

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