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The Best Natural Cloth-Safe Diaper Creams

cloth-safe diaper creams

As it has already been established, our little one is, for lack of a better term, a nonstop poop factory. There were days when Eric would come home from work only to find a stack of 15 cloth diapers piled high on the bathroom counter.

At one point I eventually gave up on trying to spray them each time and just left them all for the end of the day. With lots of pooping can come lots of diaper rash. Some babies are just more rash-prone than others, and with two parents who have sensitive skin, you can guess our baby is one of them. This is why I needed to investigate the best cloth-safe diaper creams. 

During Harper’s first two weeks of life, we would only put coconut oil on her skin if she got a rash (yes, I realize how pretentious that sounds), but once we started using baby wipes, we started using diaper cream. If your parenting style is like ours (using humor to cope and/or attempting to choose all-natural products) then you’re in luck! We have tested a bunch of creams, and here’s the breakdown of our Top 3 Favorites.

P.S. – If you want to know how to properly care for your cloth diapers, I’ve got you covered.

The Best All Natural Diaper Creams to use with Cloth Diapers | Looking for an all natural diaper cream to use that is also cloth safe? This post breaks down the best all natural cloth-safe diaper creams!

The Best Natural Cloth-Safe Diaper Creams

California Baby Unscented Super Sensitive Diaper Rash Cream

While a small fortune, totally worth it for your super sensitive baby, as it were. With this cream, a little goes a long way, so although it’s pricey, it’s made to last. This cream is nice and thick and is safe to use with cloth diapers.

Honest Diaper Rash Cream

We live in a two story house so we try to keep baby essentials on each floor. We have this cream in our pack-n-play changer downstairs and the California Baby upstairs. We have had both of these creams for the better part of 8 months, so the cost is most def worth it to us. I’ve found that the California Baby cream is slightly thicker, but the Honest cream works just as well and is also CD safe!

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee 100% Natural Diaper Rash Ointment

This is the cream that I keep in my diaper bag for on-the-go disposable changes. I actually think that this cream is the thickest and tends to stay on her skin the longest. But according to the experts at Fluff Love, this cream is not cloth diaper safe. However, I have used this cream on my cloth diapers and have never had a problem! 

The BEST Natural Cloth-Safe Diaper Creams

Note: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. I never recommend products that I don’t love and use myself. 

What natural cloth-safe diaper creams have you tried? Which one is your go-to? Share your favorites! 

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