Cloth Diapering

Which Cloth Diaper is Right For You?

As with most things in life, before doing something, you typically do your research, right? Like, going on a cruise: which has the best buffet? Buying a house: where is the closest Starbucks-TJS ratio? Putting cloth diapers on your baby registry: Target has these so they must be THE ONLY CLOTH DIAPERS EVER. Good one, Marla.

Pocket diapers. Not my favorite. Have 12 of them. Making it work. Thatisall.

I’m gonna go ahead and call pregnancy brain on this one, but for some reason I did not do my due diligence on this whole cloth diapering thing. I was all, this will be easy, they said. Just buy them, they said. Although I would follow Target to the end of the Earth, I discovered that…there were OTHER cloth diapers out there. Granted, I’m making myself sound pretty dim here, but the month or so before Harper’s birth was all 100 degree heat, TUMS, and Netflix. Zero thinking involved.

Fast forward to 2 months after Harper’s birth and while chatting with some momfriends, I learned about all-in-ones (AIO). Someone was seriously looking out for mom’s everywhere on this one. No stuffing, no inserts, it’s just all-in-one, as it were.

Which Cloth Diaper is Right For You?

So which diapers are right for you? I talked with some friends who thought the pocket diapers worked great. For me, several poopy blowouts in the Rock-N-Play doesn’t so much equal great as it equals laundry. Update: around 9 months when Harper started drinking more water with her meals, the Charlie Banana diapers started leaking right through the insert and cover. This has obviously become super frustrating because if I don’t change her every 30 minutes or so, I’ll just end up having to change her whole outfit since it will be soaked with pee. Ugh. Why? I tried the whole Dawn Dish Soap thing and it did a whole lot of nothing! On to the list!

Here’s what we’ve tried. Pros and Cons list, of course.

Charlie Banana

charlie banana - Edited




rumparooz - Edited

BumGenius FreeTime AIO

bumgenius diapers


*Everything I’ve read says the best trick for getting out poopy stains is to let your diapers get a little sun in the backyard. Like magic, the stains disappear.

Note: The links provided will direct you to the products I actually use. This post contains affiliate links. 

If any other cloth diapering moms out there have tried other brands they’ve liked or have another pro/con to add, comment below and share the love! For more info on how to wash your cloth diapers, check out my post here

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