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Being A #Mom in the Age of Social Media

Before blogging I had only ever engaged ironically in the hashtag game (yes, like one of those people who says them outloud in a conversation). But what I’ve gathered is that the point of the particular hashtag #measamom is to be slightly self-deprecating, but in a humorous, likeable way. Like “lol, #measamom in the Taco Bell drive-thru feeding my kids GMOs for dinner!” And the power of this relatability on social media is so, so sickeningly real. Other moms would read that and be like, “Yes! That is so me!” I guess in a way, we feel guilty for our shortcomings as parents, so by sharing them with our internet-friends, we can feel some solidarity in our misadventures. And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with sharing our imperfections as parents, or as people.

But, and here’s the big but, I think we all know that most of what is posted online is all smoke and mirrors (or how I recently referred to it: hips and wizards). Note to self: get more sleep.

I once read an article in Parents Magazine about mom’s who LIE about what their kids eat in order to impress people on social media. Yes, they lie! Who has time for this? They are basically attempting to be Pinterest-Perfect June Cleavers. They are so desperate for people to think that their kids eat fluffy blueberry ricotta pancake skewers for breakfast that they would be horrified, horrified, if people found out they actually just ate stale cereal instead. But hey, if that’s what you’re really making, then let’s be friends, cause that sounds awesome.

On the opposite end, there are moms who lie about being “bad” parents in order to A) Garner Attention B) Seem Humorous C) Act Like They Don’t Care D) All of the Above. Annnnnd you are correct, the answer is D! What am I talking about here? Moms who post pictures of their newborns in laundry baskets like “oops! totally forgot to buy a bassinet! #measamom.”


So where does this leave us? The moms who want to share but don’t want to come off as desperate or ostentatious. We just want to be real, we don’t want to be over-the-top. We make our kid’s food from scratch, but we are not above the box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese. We try our best to “get dressed” in the morning, but really, can’t actually remember the last time we wore a real bra (with underwire!). We are awkward and weird, but not in an ironic way, just in a wore my workout leggings inside-out to storytime twice in a row (just me?) way. You know who we are? GASP. We are just regular, everyday people.

So how’s this for #measamom? Husband is trying to take cute pictures of our baby at the aquarium, and NBD, just me, Harper’s mom: creature from the deep lurking in the background. WHAT am I doing here? This picture was most certainly not posed or planned. I mean, look at me. Or don’t, your choice.

the real meaning behind the hashtag #measamom

What are your thoughts on momming in the age of social media? Have you ever caught someone lying about their parenting online? Have you ever succumbed to the pressures of parenting in the age of social media? Do tell!

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