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FREE Printable Packing Checklist for Summer Travel with Babies & Toddlers

Free Printable! Yay! If you’re like me then your motto is: “If it’s free, it’s me.”

And if you’re like me then you also like to lead an organized, well-planned-out life. Regardless, you’ll still find yourself at the hotel without the Pack n Play sheet you bought a few days ago specifically for this express purpose. I know, that was oddly specific. But I have a point here. How is it that no matter how hard we try to be organized, we always forget something? Go ahead, ask me if I wrote down a packing list for that trip. But I think you already know the answer. This time I was like, I totally got this! We didn’t forget anything! Who needs a packing list? Not me! Cut to several hours later checking into the hotel, “did we bring the sheet for the Pack n Play?” Of course not, why would we remember to do that? That would have been too easy.

If you’ve ever travelled with a baby or kids then you know it’s pretty much like moving. You pack up basically everything you own and pack it into the car. Depending on where we’re going when we go on a trip, we pretty much pack up Harper’s life into a bag. Anyone who tells you this is overkill is either A) being cavalier about travelling or B) doesn’t have kids.

The rules of life have taught us that when you absolutely need something you forgot to pack it WILL be 3 in the morning when nothing is open and you couldn’t find a Walgreens to save your life. Of course when you’re over-prepared that’s when there will be a 24-Hour Walgreens or CVS on every single corner.

So to save you some time and some trouble, I’ve typed up the ultimate packing checklist for travelling with little ones during the summer.

When you click on the link, it will take you to a Google Doc that you can print out! Hey, I was a teacher first, remember?

Happy (Over-Prepared) Travels!

Free Printable Packing Checklist

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The ultimate packing checklist for travelling with babies & toddlers this summer! The best part: it's a free printable!


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