My Pinterest Comfort Food Meal Plan Week 7

This week’s meal plan is all about my two favorite types of dinners: easy and comforting. Although each week has had its fair share of easy recipes, this week I really wanted to highlight some simple dishes with comforting (but global) ingredients.

Since Eric went back to work this week, I needed a meal plan with a lot of components I could make in advance, such as the Kale Caesar Salad, the sauce for the Roasted Red Pepper Pasta and the two slow cooker meals. Stay-at-home-moms everywhere know that prepping dinner is all about finding your window where the baby will magically become fixated on some toy in the kitchen and they’ll play independently just long enough for you to roll the last meatball and throw it into the slow cooker. And suddenly, you’ve already made dinner. Time for a pat on the back, me.

For our family, comfort food isn’t just about American classics. We like to pick global flavors and make them in a comforting way (see Shrimp Tacos below). Even if you don’t follow the meal plan exactly, pick one new thing to try. Changing up your dinner rotation can be a much welcome break from the day-to-day repetitiveness of stay-at-home-motherhood. On Friday, I made Eric French Dip sandwiches which is not something I eat, but is just something different to make as a special “back to work” surprise.

This week uses tons of pantry staples: black beans, rice, roasted red peppers, pasta, and canned tomatoes. As well as freezer staples: shrimp, tortillas, corn, pita/naan, hoagie rolls, and ground turkey to highlight a few. If you missed last week’s post on what to make when you haven’t had the chance to go grocery shopping, click here. If you have any go-to pantry or freezer staples, definitely tell me about them in the comments section below!

Easy Comfort Food Dinner Ideas from Pinterest! Meatballs, gyros, tacos, sandwiches...drool!


Meatless Monday: Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

Taco Tuesday: Shrimp Tacos with Yellow Rice

Wednesday: Chicken Gyros

Thursday: Easy Veggie Burrito Bowls

Fun Friday: Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches with Oven Fries

Saturday: Caprese Naan Pizza (because we liked it that much) from Week 4

Slow Cooker Sunday: Italian Turkey Meatballs with Kale Caesar Salad

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    Sincerely Jacqueline
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    Awesome photos and ideas! Meal plans I agree the the most efficient way to go.

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      August 11, 2016 at 8:17 PM

      Thanks, Jaqueline! I will have to check out your cleaning hack! Sounds awesome.

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