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Anyone who has ever met me and either of my brothers will immediately ask “are you guys related?” It’s not because we don’t all look alike, it’s because both of them are in ridiculously good shape and train other people for a living. I, on the other hand, recently had an exchange with my husband that went something like this:

Me: Why do my legs hurt so much?

Eric: You walked up a steep driveway yesterday.

So? You get the idea.

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Stephanie and I randomly met sophomore year of college only to find out we grew up in the same place and shared mutual friends. Short version: we are still friends all these years later (this makes me feel old), and now we have babies (feeling older) and career goals (OLD).

In one of those I don’t know how she does it ways, Steph has written 3 novels. THREE. With a toddler at home. Serious mom goals. Do yourself a favor a snag one of her books on Amazon. The reviews don’t lie. Her books are downright addictive.

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