Hi and welcome! I’m Marla, high school English teacher-on hold, current stay-at-home-mom to curious little fox, Harper. I suppose I am living the dream of blogging and momming while child-rearing and puppy-handling.

Because I Said So is the product of the constant narration in my head of my day-to-day life as a first time mom (it’s totally not just me, right?). So I created this site as part outlet/part advice blog to share the voices (narration?) with other mammas and moms-to-be. Growing up, I think it’s safe to say we all heard the refrain “because I said so,” but that just doesn’t fit the bill for today’s brand of parenting. Our littles have a say in things around here, even if they only know four words.

More about the Because I Said So family:

  • Of course there’s our little fox, Harper (the I in Because I Said So)
  • There’s my husband, Eric, science teacher by day – superdad by night
  • Charlie & Lady, fuzzy Cavalier extraordinaires, eaters of things-in-road, (also see: sleepiest puppies) 

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Our little family loves: sunsets in our backyard, local ethnic food joints, and hockey season. We eat real, made-from-scratch food 99.9% of the time; the other .1% consists of Limited Edition Oreos (everyone has flaws).

So join me as I impulse buy on Zulily, pry chicken from the dogs’ mouths, and keep Harper from scaling the baby gates. It sure is a chaotic mess, but there’s beauty in the breakdown, method to the madness, poop on the ceiling. Yep. Let’s go with that. Umm….Because I Said So?