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Welcome to Because I Said So, Baby! I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you found us through Pinterest (my personal fav) or another means, something caught your eye and drew you here – and that makes me happy – because it means you share the same parenting goals as me #squad (that’s what the kids are saying, right?).

Around 1 year ago I launched Because I Said So, Baby. As a new mom, I felt as if I had so many thoughts to share. So much I wish I would have known at the start (cloth diapering fails, anyone?), that I decided to go out on a limb and start a mom blog. At the time, I thought to myself: I can’t be the only one who wishes they could have known some of this stuff beforehand. And turns out, I was right.

Through Pinterest, Facebook, and plain ole’ Google Search, new and veteran moms alike have discovered my little corner of the internet. The best part about this journey is realizing that you’re not alone. That there are other moms out there who want to know how to get a newborn baby to breastfeed, or years later, how to survive a tough day with a toddler. And over the past year it’s been amazing to hear from other moms like me, who have had the same thoughts, fears, and questions.

So as a welcome to our site, I’ve rounded up our Top 5 Most Popular Posts to share with you.

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  2. Everything You Wanted to Know About Baby-Led Weaning
  3. My 1 Year Old’s Daily Routine
  4. How to Get Started with Baby-Led Weaning 
  5. How to Get Your Toddler to Say ‘Yes’ More

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